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This product is appropriate for individuals who are able to urinate without assistance.
It is easy to apply and remove, simple to rinse and clean, comfortable and odorless.
This is total urine collection system, allows adequate fluid intake for hydration.
To maintain good hygienic practice, it is recommended that one system is only used by one user.
This is a reusable product; however, routine replacement is recommended.

Directions should be carefully reviewed before use.

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1. Donut cushion air input adjuster

2. Venting system – air and heat exchange

3. Rinse inlet

4. Donut shaped cushion

5. Mask shaped catchment cup

6. Support ring

7. Multi-angle bendable tube insert, prevents kinking

8. Leg strap tabs

9. Backflow prevention valve

10. Drainage stopcock


1 x Mask Shaped Cup with Connecting Tube
2 x 500ml Drip Bag Replacement
1 x Fixed Pant (optional)
1 x Drip Bag Strap
1 x Flushing Syringe
1 x User Manual

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1. Regular Cup houses penises 7 – 11 cm long in flaccid state.

2. Big Cup houses penises longer than 11 cm in flaccid state.


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User Manual
User Manual - 1
User Manual - 2
User Manual – 1
User Manual – 2